Data and Investment Analytics  Sarah Foley 06/06/2023
Data and Investment Analytics

Gain a competitive advantage from your data with our three core skillsets:

  • Data & Analytics
  • Investment Management
  • Technology

Driving actionable insights for your business and your clients

Our Services


We take pride in understanding each organisation we work with. Our analysis will capture your needs and make recommendations based on our experience and the best data technology solutions.


When it comes to delivering data solutions we have some of the best implementation talent in our industry. We can provide teams for complete deliveries or resources to top up your own team as required. 


Post-implementation we can measure and fine tune ata solutions and business processes, so they keep delivering accurate and performant results as your organisation grows.

Data Strategy

  • Master data management
  • Governance
  • Data leadership
  • Data products selector

Consolidated Data Platform


  • Client
  • Regulatory
  • Sustainability
  • Internal

Data Culture

  • Business Intelligence
  • Self-service
  • Citizen development
  • On-desk solutions

Market Data

  • Audit
  • Rationalisation
  • Enterprise grade
  • Simplified access

What outcomes should you expect?

data & analytics adoption
Data & Analytics Performance
data and analytics quality
data and analytics asset
data and analytics trust
data and analytics scalability - strata

Increased Data Self-Service across the organisation leading to greater insights and innovation with teams.

Data becomes an asset across the organisation.

More performance, reliable and resilient data processing solutions on which data delivery is on time.

Governance improves with better access controls, discoverability of data, common terms and lineage.

Higher quality data percolating through the organisation with issues discovered before the business finds them.

Future data work is delivered quicker due to in-built scalability factored in at the design stage.

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Solutions to enable your business

  • Enterprise / Risk Implementations
  • M&A integration
  • Accounting & Performance
  • Op Model design + Optimisation
  • Risk, Data & Interfaces
  • Aladdin Data Cloud
  • Aladdin Climate 
  • Aladdin Wealth
  • Health Check 
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Driving actionable insights for your business and your clients. Generating competitive advantage through our expertise in Data, Technology and Finance.

  • Data & Investment Analytics
  • ESG
  • Client Reporting
  • Regulatoary Reporting
  • Compliance
  • Performance
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Bringing to market innovative, value add products and services.

  • Custom Insight Generation

  • Data integration, Modelling & Accelerators

  • POC and prototyping

  • Bespoke tooling
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Delivering firsts

st ABOR - IBOR joint implementation on Aladdin Accounting
st Implementation by a partner on behalf of BRS
st Aladdin Data cloud (snowflake) implementation

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