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Offering clients deep capabilities in compliance strategy, modelling, coding and testing to support successful platform transformations.

Compliance introduction

Strata and BlueHill Compliance have formed a strategic partnership to offer clients transformational end to end OMS implementation services with compliance as a core offering.

Our practitioners are experienced in all OMS platforms and industry leaders in BlackRock’s Aladdin platform, bringing key capabilities in:

  • Compliance Strategy
  • Data Modelling and Macros
  • Rule Extraction Support
  • Rule Coding
  • Rule Testing
  • Ongoing Audit

Mikko Ala-Illomaki | Head of Compliance Practice

Adding value to your business

Systems implementation

– Project Methodology and planning
– Provision of Rule Coding and Testing resources
– Compliance Asset – Hierarchy design and set-up based on source data
– Rule coding and formulation of Rule – Coding Standards
– Rule Testing and Quality Assurance

Systems and quality audits

– Conducting audits of compliance system rules against legal documentation
– Auditing regulatory rule coding functionality against the source Law
– Auditing pre and post-trade compliance violation management process, compliance violation history, operating model design and compliance breach resolution process

Business as usual / managed service

– Provision of coding and monitoring resource to support business-as-usual
investment compliance functions (including Rule Coding, Rule Testing, Pre-trade violation investigations and overnight violation investigations)

Operating model and process design

– Providing assistance to investment compliance operating model design
– Helping to define the roles and responsibilities of different departments in the investment compliance process
– Documenting Operating Model Design and Process maps

How we work


Our unique approach to compliance brings you the following benefits 

  • Provides complete transparency and understanding of the OMS Compliance Data Model
  • Avoids long winded question loops between OMS provider and the client, simplifying the code creation
  • Allows clients to go-live with a clean set of accurately functioning rules, cutting out unnecessary noise caused by bad coding

Solutions to enable your business

  • Enterprise / Risk Implementations
  • M&A integration
  • Accounting & Performance
  • Op Model design + Optimisation
  • Risk, Data & Interfaces
  • Aladdin Data Cloud
  • Aladdin Climate 
  • Aladdin Wealth
  • Health Check 
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Driving actionable insights for your business and your clients. Generating competitive advantage through our expertise in Data, Technology and Finance.

  • Data & Investment Analytics
  • ESG
  • Client Reporting
  • Regulatoary Reporting
  • Compliance
  • Performance
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Bringing to market innovative, value add products and services.

  • Custom Insight Generation

  • Data integration, Modelling & Accelerators

  • POC and prototyping

  • Bespoke tooling
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Delivering firsts

st ABOR - IBOR joint implementation on Aladdin Accounting
st Implementation by a partner on behalf of BRS
st Aladdin Data cloud (snowflake) implementation

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