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Our purpose

We are transforming the investment industry through innovation, agility and impact.

Our story

Strata was founded on the shared desire to challenge the norms of over budget, under delivering change programmes that cause so much inefficiency in the investment industry.

Our founders were motivated by the belief that they could create a consultancy that challenges the status quo, built for the people that work there, the clients they serve and to benefit the wider investment industry.

Strata was born to transform the investment industry through impact, agility and innovation.

Impact – Delivering greater client value than our competition. Outcome orientated, benefits focussed always

Agility – An aligned, lean & adaptable team delivers superior results

Innovation – Utilise collective creativity and expertise to design and deliver new solutions for lasting change. We find a better way.

The same drive still burns brightly today as we see the results of what a motivated, capable and agile team, who are closely aligned in outcomes and values and willing to take responsibility can achieve.

Strata has grown to over 30 full time practitioners and a scalable community of associates working across its Investments, Operations, Delivery and Compliance practices, and the challenger spirit lives on as we design and deliver transformational change for our clients.

Our team’s extensive hands-on experience in specialised areas of the sector means we understand what’s needed by our clients and how to deliver it.

Our clients’ experience is everything. We build solid relationships with our clients, rather than chasing growth at their expense. Providing value comes first, every time.

We invest in our people, with professional support frameworks and a progressive culture. A happy, confident team benefits everyone.

Whether carrying out an Aladdin implementation, designing a new Front Office ESG tool or migrating a fund, we leverage our industry experience to lead our clients on the best path for their business. We take pride in both designing and delivering the change, confident in our team, experience and model to take responsibility for delivering tangible business outcomes, not just theory or powerpoint presentations.

It is important to us that you get value from our engagement. More than a group of individuals we are a core delivery team that is prepared to offer commercial models that focus on delivering your requirements in the most optimal way, whilst ensuring that you have the most optimal and efficient team model for each stage of the programme for a safe, on time delivery.

Leadership team

Rich 2
Rich Hall
Co head
Joe Yallop
Co head
Hardeep Bhogal
James 600
James Howell
Ally Brown
Stu 2
Stuart McBane
Greg Welch
Anders Rox Hansen
Chris D
Chris Daniels
Nick R
Nick Rockhold
Keith M
Keith Macleod
Aladdin Delivery

Our Values

Our values are in our DNA and permeate everything that we do.

growth mindset

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