Aladdin Health Check Vanessa MacLeod 18/06/2024

Aladdin Health Check

Unlock the full potential of your Aladdin Footprint with the Aladdin Health Check

Maximise your Return on Investment

While Aladdin promises scale, streamlined processing and operational value when used optimally. The following scenarios often hinder organisations from realising its complete benefits.

Which one of these scenarios might apply to your business?

  1. Missed adoption on Aladdin upgrade cycles
  2. Out of date operating model and process inefficiencies
  3. Evolved business strategy
  4. Lack of Stakeholder buy-in/training
  5. Legacy systems still running in parallel
  6. Lack of adoption on new Aladdin Products
  7. Employee turnover and training
  8. Go-Live reduced scope now supported on Aladdin

What is the Aladdin Health Check?

The Aladdin Health Check is a two to three month targeted review of your business. This review will identify operational inefficiencies such as risk, but also quick-wins and longer-term improvements, culminating in our best practice report and a prioritised roadmap.

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What outcomes should you expect?

Strata Aladdin Health Check Scale
strata aladdin health check enhance
strata aladdin health check maximise
strata aladdin health check manage risk
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Optimise the use of Aladdin to effect scale/capacity to support business change, AUM and revenue growth. Achieve greater efficiencies and agility, reducing time to market of your value proposition. 

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Create value across the business through the adoption of best practices and process, enhanced system configuration and decommission of legacy systems.

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Maximise use of Aladdin applications and Dashboard for Trade Ops, Deriv-Ops, Cash/Asset Recs, COAC’s, and Data Management. Improve Straight-Through-Processing rates, KPI’s, Metrics and decrease operating costs.

Mitigating future Op events. Ensure the permission structures within Aladdin & eFront are robust, transparent and deliver the required control, in the right areas, to manage risk effectively.

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Client Testimonial

“Strata have extensive knowledge and expertise on both complex OTC products and the Aladdin system, which they have utilised to great effect. The Impact of their strategic approach and dynamic team on the Swiss Re business means we are already seeing a significant return on investment”

Dirk Wigger, Deputy Head AM COO Strategic Solutions | Swiss Re

Our Core Practice Areas

  • Enterprise / Risk Implementations
  • M&A integration
  • Accounting & Performance
  • Op Model design + Optimisation
  • Risk, Data & Interfaces
  • Aladdin Data Cloud
  • Aladdin Climate 
  • Aladdin Wealth
  • Health Check 
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  • Implementations
  • Whole Portfolio Solution 
  • Insight & Cafe 
  • New Product + Asset Class Rollout 
  • Systems Upgrades
  • Training + Support 
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Data & Analytics
  • Global Data Platform Design and Build
  • Data Strategy, Modelling & Governance
  • Client Reporting
  • Regulatory Reporting & Compliance 
  • Custom Insights and Tooling
  • Core Product Gap Tooling
  • Sustainability / ESG
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